Oil Cap

The Evolution of the Oil Change

The only constant in the oil change business is change itself, especially if you’re trying to maintain an inventory of engine oil for all makes and models


Trouble Codes P047A and P047B: EGR System Testing

A modern EGR system is quite complex to meet increasing efficiency requirements. This article dives into diagnosing P047A and P047B DTCs on new Volkswagens.

Pressure Testing Cooling System

The Effect of Longer Oil Life on Cooling Systems

If the cooling system is not inspected and serviced as required, the system might fail well before the next extended interval oil change is due.

Failed Oil Pump

Diagnosing a High Mileage Oil Pump

Good oil pressure is important for proper engine lubrication and longevity. The key to good oil pressure is a quality oil pump.

Timing Belt Replacement Service

As a vehicle approaches the 100,000 mile mark, the timing belt is a key component that need to be serviced to keep the engine in running condition.

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