Stretch Belts

Stretch Belts In-Depth

Stretch belts are commonly used to reduce noise and vibration that would otherwise be caused by a long serpentine belt. Here is an overview of stretch belts.


Winter Battery Service Tips

Most shops in colder climates start to see a lot more customers with battery service needs as the temperatures drop. Perhaps more than any other maintenance category, taking care of your customers with dying or dead batteries is essential this time of year. Lead-acid batteries have an average service life of about three to five…

Diagnosing Oil Consumption Issues

All engines consume oil. As oil change service intervals grow, oil consumption becomes a more serious issue. Some things to keep in mind when servicing oil.

PCV Crankcase Pressure

PCV System Pressure Managment in Turbocharged Applictions

On a naturally aspirated engine,the crankcase pressure is directly related to the piston movement. Turbocharged engines require a more advanced PCV system.

Cartridge Oil Filters

Cartridge Oil Filters: 10 Tips to Prevent Comebacks

An oil change is probably one of the least expensive services your shop offers, but it has the possibility to result in one of the most expensive comebacks.

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