Diagnosing Combustion Chamber Issues

Understanding the inside of the combustion chamber and the impact on what comes out the exhaust valve is important in order to solve emissions or driveability problems. Read more to get help.

Power Window Regulators

How to Service Power Window Regulators and Motors

Power windows are a great convenience, but sometimes they stop working. Sometimes the fault is electrical, such as a bad power window switch, a blown fuse, a bad relay or a loose or damaged wire. Other times, the fault is a bad window motor or a broken part in the window regulator mechanism that actually…

pulse width modulating fuel pumps

Diagnosing Pulse Width Modulating Fuel Pumps

Old-School Diagnostics PWM fuel pumps are generally very reliable so, many technicians aren’t familiar with them. But now that many import vehicles equipped with PWM fuel pumps are rolling up the miles, electronically controlled PWM fuel pumps are becoming more common to see in your service bay. While pressure and volume testing are mandatory for…

engine deposits

How to Prevent Engine Deposits

When deposit control additives are not adequate in gasoline, harmful deposits can build up inside the engine: – Fuel varnish deposits that form inside the injectors restrict fuel delivery and cause the engine to run lean. This may cause lean misfires, rough idle, hesitation, poor fuel economy and increased HC emissions. A lean fuel mixture…

Reconditioning Hybrid Batteries

NiMH battery left at 100% state of charge (SOC) will discharge at a faster rate than one at 40% SOC. The nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery is the best and most common hybrid battery so far, and the sheer volume of them is staggering. NiHM batteries have been in use for well over 15 years,…

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