Find resources from the basics of brakes and bearings to diagnosing, wheel bearing service tips and bearing failure prevention and more.

Effect of Corrosion on ABS Sensors

You step on the brake, and you just keep rolling. This kind of problem can be experienced in ’99-2002 Chevy trucks due to a problem in the ABS sensors.

Active Seal Encoders

This video will show you how to use a cheap, but very effective, tool to check the orientation of the active seal encoders in wheel bearings.

1998-2004 Grand Cherokee Axle Bearing

Have you ever stepped on the brake and the pedal traveled just a bit too far before you got any brake action? The axle bearing may be the reason why.

Timken Wheel End Hub Assemblies – Performance That’s Worth It

So what makes a Timken hub stronger? The Timken name – it means quality. The kind of quality you deserve. If our name is on it, then you can trust it.

Lubricating Light Vehicle Axle Shafts

When installing axle shafts, adding too much lubricant can lead to many problems long after the service is completed due to hydrodynamic lock.

Proper Tapered Roller Bearing Installation in the Hub Assembly

The proper adjustment of the two bearings in the hub assembly is one of the most important aspects of the installation process.

Ball Bearing Installation

In the manufacture of ball bearings, standard practice indicates assembling the rings and balls with a specified internal clearance.

How to Remove & Install A Truck Hub Bearing Assembly

Watch the experts at Timken remove and install a truck hub bearing assembly on a GM 4×4 front wheel with outboard mounted rotors.

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Proper removal and installation helps avoid premature damage to the bearing and surrounding components. Below are the steps for replacing them.

How to Check a Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly

It can be a challenging task to properly diagnose a damaged hub bearing assembly. This video will help you to examine a hub bearing assembly.

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