1998-2004 Grand Cherokee Axle Bearing

Have you ever stepped on the brake and the pedal traveled just a bit too far before you got any brake action? On 1998 through 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees with a semi-float rear axles that problem could be do to someone replacing the original equipment bearing with one that had incorrect end play.

The original part number for the Jeep axle bearing was NP182140, which is a tapered roller unit bearing. The recommended replacement part number, a Timken Set 31, contains the NP bearing and locking collar. Using this replacement bearing creates the correct end play, which brings us back to that brake travel issue.

Without the correct replacement bearing, you can end up with too much end play, allowing some lateral axle and, therefore, rotor movement. I can separate the disc brake pads and increase travel distance before you get a firm brake pedal.

Another difference with the Timken Set 31 is that it has the OE size locking collar, which is the correct size to clear the inner axle tube and allows the flow of axle lubricant to the wheel bearing. This is the non-OE collar, which has a larger OD. The wrong collar size can interfere with the axle tube. That can create debris and insufficient lube flow to the axle bearing. So if you’re working on a 1998 through 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee rear axle and need to replace the bearing, be sure to use Timken Set 31 part number.