With over 80 years of mobility expertise, we are driven by extreme dedication to performance and quality. From OEM to aftermarket, our people push the boundaries of innovation to bring the latest ignition and sensor technologies to market under the NGK and NTK brands.

NTK – Technical Sensors Overview

NTK covers a full line of premium technical sensors built for domestic and import applications. Over 6,700 parts numbers include Position, Pressure, Speed, Fluid Level, Temperature and Specialty sensors.

NGK – Spark Plugs Overview

NGK is one of the largest OEM supplier and manufacturer of Spark Plugs for Domestic and Import vehicles in North America.

Spark Plugs: Service Intervals

How often do spark plugs need to be changed? Discussing the importance of recommended service intervals.   Sign up to receive our newsletter with valuable new tech articles and videos every month.   Transcript: How often do spark plugs need to be changed? 12,000 miles, 30,000 miles, or 100,000 miles? The answer is, ironically, all…

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