NTK – Technical Sensors Overview

NTK covers a full line of premium technical sensors built for domestic and import applications. Over 6,700 parts numbers include Position, Pressure, Speed, Fluid Level, Temperature and Specialty sensors.

NTK, the Sensor Specialist, offers a full line of premium technical sensor products. These sensors cover a variety of both domestic and import applications. NTK offers 6,700 part numbers that include Position, Pressure, Speed Fluid Level, Temperature, and a variety of Specialty Sensors. For frequently replaced part types, NTK Technical Sensors cover over 90% of vehicles in operation today.

Like our world leading Oxygen Sensors, each Technical Sensor is tested to meet or exceed OE performance expectations. NTK technical sensor types include: Position Sensors – which determine position of various components, Pressure Sensors – to measure a wide range for fuel, air, exhaust and more, Fluid Level Sensors – provide accurate readings to maintain proper fluid levels, Speed Sensors – for ABS, transmissions, engines and steering systems, Temperature Sensors – built to perform in today’s harsher engine conditions, and Specialty Sensors to aid in the performance of advanced vehicle features. With these products you can rest assured that the same product expertise engineering and manufacturing quality found in every NTK oxygen sensor goes into NTK Technical Sensors as well.

NTK Technical Sensor enhancements include premium materials to protect circuitry and reduce stress, secure sealing components to prevent oil leaks, more efficient electric flow within circuit board, strict quality control processes, and rigorous testing procedures. To ensure quality and authenticity, each part is tested to strict guidelines then placed into a branded poly bag to guard against counterfeits and combat faulty returns.
When it comes to OE quality, performance and coverage for premium technical sensors direct your customers to NTK, the Sensor Specialist.