NGK – Spark Plugs Overview

NGK is one of the largest OEM supplier and manufacturer of Spark Plugs for Domestic and Import vehicles in North America.

NGK, the ignition specialist, is one of the largest OE supplier and manufacturer of spark plugs for domestic and import vehicles in North America. Since 1936, NGK has used its expertise in ceramics and precious metal technology to develop exclusive spark plugs and glow plugs for emerging ignition technologies in gasoline and diesel-powered engines.

As a trusted OE brand with metal types spanning the spectrum of nickel platinum iridium and ruthenium, NGK offers nearly 1300 part numbers representing over 95% VIO coverage for domestic European and Asian models. NGK continues to push the limits of performance and innovation bringing the most advanced technology to today’s high efficiency engines. From the high tech ruthenium HX to the industry standard OE style spark plugs, NGK drives the future of spark plug engineering through its precious metal expertise and high ignitability tip designs. These high ignitability designs are much more efficient as they provide the most complete burn of fuel with the longest service life.

In fact, NGK is one of the only spark plug manufacturers to produce all of the following tip types: square platinum, electrode projected square platinum, electrode dual, fine electrode, and hybrid dual fine electrode. In addition, NGK is the only OE spark plug manufacturer to provide recommended OE service intervals for spark plugs. This information can be easily obtained through parts finder, and is also supported through the company’s catalog content provided to your local parts provider.

NGK is committed to providing auto parts professionals, technicians, and consumers with valuable service interval recommendations for spark plug life cycles as specified by domestic and import manufacturers. As the largest supplier and manufacturer of spark plugs for import and domestic vehicles, we are the industry experts you can count on with rigorous testing standards and countless first to market technologies. NGK spark plugs is the ignition specialist.