Powered by NTN and recognized across the industry for premium quality over the last 100 years, Bower’s heavy-duty aftermarket product line includes tapered roller bearings, clutch pilot bearings, wheel end spacer kits and differential kits.

Importance of Proper Wheel Bearing Adjustment

Premature bearing failure will impact a fleet’s efficiency with serious performance, safety and budgetary implications. Proper wheel bearing adjustment is a key factor for optimal bearing life. To reduce premature bearing failure in heavy duty wheel-end applications, the ideal bearing end-play setting should be between 0.001” and 0.005”.


Best Practice When Replacing Bearings and Races

When it comes to replacing bearings and races, NTN has a couple of recommendations we make to installers to ensure that our products meet their maximum life expectancy. When replacing the bearing and race, NTN encourages installers to: 1) Replace both components as a set 2) Ensure both components come from the same manufacturer Replace…


Bearing Components: Case vs. Through Hardening

What’s the Difference? Bearing components must have hardened rolling surfaces in order to provide long life. In general, there are two ways to harden steel to the required level: Through Hardening and Case Hardening. Through Hardening In order to harden steel, the iron mix must contain a certain amount of carbon. Carbon dissolves in molten…

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