Catalytic Converter Efficiency: More Than Meets the Eye

Engine ­management ­systems ­compensate for many things and last line of defense is the catalytic converter. Learn more about it from Know Your Parts.

steering assist

Steering Gear Diagnostic Strategies

It is important to understand the basics of how power steering gear systems work before we can develop an assessment technique.

transmission complaints

Common Causes of Transmission Complaints

Learn more about what can cause common transmission complaints in your vehicles and how to properly repair and monitor.

Brake Pad

Brake Service Math

Since brake repairs should be a major profit center for any shop, it pays to occasionally ­review the mathematics of selling brake services.

Fuel System Basics

No-Start Diesel Diagnosis

Looking at diesel diagnosis, let’s discuss the two most basic needs of diesel engine operation: proper combustion chamber heat and amount of fuel injected.

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