Wheel Hub Lubrication Tricks for Ford Super Duty Trucks

The bearings that support the wheel ends are heavy duty and able to handle most any load you can put in or tow with your Ford Super Duty.

But in addition to the primary tapered roller bearing, in the hub there is also a needle bearing that supports the axle shaft on front driven wheels in the F-250 and several other F series trucks.

If you work on these hubs you need to lube that inner needle bearing with an NLGI grade two wheel bearing grease.

When you remove the hub pay special attention to the two seals on the axle shaft and one on the spindle.

If these seals are leaking or worn or let moisture or contamination get inside the hub assembly, it won’t affect the wheel bearing but it can cause problems for the needle bearing that supports the axle shaft.

If that lube gets contaminated or the bearing runs dry, it can ruin the axle shaft.

When you service the hub assembly, make sure you add additional grease to the needle bearing. This will help avoid potential problems.