Replacing Cups and Cones Together

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Skill Level: Easy | Special Tools: None

Timken recommends replacing the bearing cone (inner race) and bearing cup (outer race) at the same time and that both components come from the same manufacturer.

Avoid Mixing Parts from Different Bearing Manufacturers

Common Problems Caused By Mixing Parts

• Incompatible internal bearing profile
• Overall bearing width difference due to tolerance differences
• Bearing rating differences
• Surface finish variations due to different manufacturing processes and technology
• Steel quality and cleanness variations
• Steel processing and steel type variations
• Variances in worldwide bearing manufacturing quality

Timken has 56 sets of MileMate® matched wheel bearing sets available for the commercial vehicle industry. (See chart for the Timken part number and corresponding set number.)

Choose MileMate Sets Instead of Individual Inner and Outer Races?

A MileMate set is a Timken matched outer race and inner race in a convenient single box.

Convenience: The bearing components are together in one box – meaning less inventory.

Longer Bearing Life: Timken® bearings have contoured profiles on the contact surfaces, which evenly distribute the load helping to
optimize performance and life.

Matched Outer and Inner Races: International standards only mandate that the same part numbers have the same basic outside diameter, bore, width and outer race angle. This means that internal geometries and characteristics could vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Lower Maintenance Costs: The cost of matched parts is relatively small compared to the cost of unscheduled downtime.

WARNING Failure to observe the following warnings could create a risk of death or serious injury.

Do not attempt to disassemble and reassemble unitized wheel end hubs and bearing assemblies. Improper reassembly could lead to failure.

Proper maintenance and handling practices are critical. Always follow installation instructions and maintain proper lubrication.

Tensile stresses can be very high in tightly fitted bearing components. Attempting to remove such components by cutting the cone (inner race) may result in a sudden shattering of the component causing fragments of metal to be forcefully expelled. Always use properly guarded presses or bearing pullers to remove bearings from shafts, and always use suitable personal protective equipment, including safety glasses.


CAUTION Failure to follow these cautions may result in property damage.
The products cataloged are application specific. Any use in applications other than those intended could lead to equipment failure or to reduced equipment life.

Use of improper bearing fits may cause damage to equipment.

Do not use damaged bearings. The use of a damaged bearing can result in equipment damage.


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