NTK – Mass Air Flow Sensors

This video shows the features, functions and benefits of NTK Mass Air Flow Sensors, aka MAF, which are critical to the engine and transmission’s computerized management system.

What are the features functions and competitive benefits of our NTK Mass Air Flow Sensors, aka MAF sensors? Today’s vehicles have multiple sensor inputs that are critical to the engine and transmission’s computerized management system. Mass air flow sensors are one of the key inputs for both management systems. Located in the intake air stream, between the air cleaner and before the throttle body, the mass air flow sensor determines air volume as it enters a fuel injected engine. Modern MAF engine management platforms report via a digital signal that represents the air flow entering the engine. Most are measured in grams per second. This measurement of air flow is critical for the powertrain control module, or PCM, to calculate and determine the precise fuel injector pulse width, along with other management commands.

How are NTK MAF sensors different? NTK MAF sensors use a patented Micro Processor technology designed to maintain accurate processing during demanding road conditions. A laser cut, ceramic cylinder, glass coated sensor with platinum film ensures durability and will withstand the elements in the air flow that can have a negative effect on the signal back to the PCM. These sensors have been tested under strict guidelines and undergo specialized and calibrated air flow performance testing. It is also important to note that these sensors are new units, and are not remanufactured like many other options in the market today.

As you might expect, NTK upholds its practice of using superior components and the highest quality manufacturing to create sensors which will outperform and outlast the competition. Finally, all NTK sensors, come in a premium gauge box, along with the sealed polybag, to ensure authenticity and better protect the parts during shipping and handling. Available with full housing or a probe only option, NTK MAF sensors can help cut back unnecessary cost in time over replacing the whole unit when only the serviceable sensor has failed. NTK coverage is comprehensive at 99.6% with 211 unique part numbers and covering 175 million vehicles in operation.

When replacing mass air flow and other technical sensors, look to NTK, the sensor specialist.