The Timken team applies their know-how to improve the reliability and performance of automotive and commercial vehicle drive line and powertrain systems. The company designs, makes and markets high-performance hub assemblies, bearings and seals for original equipment manufacturers' and the aftermarket.
removing cups

Tips for Removing Cups from Wheel Hubs

Bearing cups, or races, are designed with a tight fit in their hub. This keeps the cup from slipping or spinning in the hub, but the tight fit makes removing cups tough when replacing the bearing.

Bearing cone (inner race) bore damage

How to Identify Tapered Roller Bearing Damage

Recognizing causes and types of bearing damage can help you prevent further bearing damage resulting in improved bearing life and performance.

Hub and Bearing Damage

Wheel Hub and Bearing Damage Analysis Guide

To diagnose the cause of bearing damage, look closely at damaged hubs and compare customers’ hubs with the photos in this article.

Wheel Hub Lubrication Tricks for Ford Super Duty Trucks

Wheel Hub Lubrication Tricks for Ford Super Duty Trucks

The bearings that support the wheel ends are heavy duty and able to handle most any load you can put in or tow with your Ford Super Duty.

Tips for Replacing Press-in Style Wheel Bearings

Tips for Replacing Press-In Style Wheel Bearing

Press-in bearings provide a preset assembly that comes greased and sealed. The internal clearances are set so you don’t need to adjust the bearing.

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