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Rebound Spring

‘Short’ Notice: How an Internal Rebound Spring Affects a Strut’s Measured Length

The internal rebound spring helps keep the strut rod and piston near factory static ride height during normal operation and enables the vehicle manufacturer to use lighter-weight and/or smaller-diameter anti-sway bars.

shock stem

Correctly Securing Stem Mounting Cushions for the Shock Stem Mount

It is important to follow the proper installation procedures for each type of shock absorber stem mount. Over/under torquing the stem cushions can result in ride and durability complaints.

What Does No or Slow Rod Extension Mean for My Replacement Shock / Strut?

Piston rods on “low gas” units can take up to 2 minutes to extend, while “non-gas” units will not extend on their own.
Rod reaction can vary between two units of the same design. Once these units are broken in, however, they will provide the same performance.

Strut Installation Safety Tips

Installing struts without following proper installation procedures can lead to serious injury and damage to the vehicle. Here are some tips to keep in mind in addition to following the procedure specified by the vehicle and parts manufacturer.

ride height assists suspension diagnostics

How Ride Height Assists Suspension Diagnostics

Measuring the ride height of a vehicle can give you some important insight on the health of the suspension components.   Sign up to receive our newsletter with valuable new tech articles and videos every month. Transcript: Hi, I’m Joe Bacarella and I’m here in the Tennoco garage and today we’re going to talk about…

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