Automotive professionals have relied on CRC for superior quality specialty chemical products to solve their general maintenance and repair needs since 1958. Our highly-specialized formulas provide the best solutions for multiple service categories including brakes, electrical system, fuel system, engine, transmission and power steering.
CRC brands: CRC®, SmartWasher®, K&W®, Sta-Lube®, Marykate® and Weld-Aid®
Block Seal

K&W Permanent Metallic Block Seal

Leaks from your engine block and radiator can be time-consuming to fix, not to mention very expensive. But with K&W permanent metallic block seal, you can fix the problem yourself and get back on the road without an expensive repair bill; it’s guaranteed.

GDI Engines and Carbon Buildup

Fuel additives and detergents in gasoline do not help to prevent carbon buildup on the intake valves of a GDI engine. CRC has a solution to this problem.

Cleaning GDI Engine Carbon Deposits without Engine Teardown

GDI Engines are more prone to carbon deposits on the intake valves. Cleaning these carbon deposits can be difficult and time consuming.

Tie Rods and Toe Angles

Repairing Cracked Engine Blocks without Disassembly

A cracked engine block can be a very expensive and time consuming repair. However, smaller cracks can be repaired with products like Fiber Lock without removing any parts from the vehicle.

GDI Engines Equal New Service Opportunity for Repair Shops

A large percentage of recent model vehicles have GDI or gas direct injection engines. In fact, these engines are found in almost half of the new vehicles sold today. As a result more and more GDI engines will be rolling through the bay doors of your shop. While GDI engines are more efficient and deliver…

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