Demand parts that live up to a higher standard. Yours. Demand Continental. Nearly every major domestic and international auto manufacturer does. That's because, for nearly 146 years, we've engineered every part, including aftermarket parts, to meet or exceed OE specs. Because we know what's riding on every part. Your reputation.
Timing Belt

Understanding Timing Belt Maintenance

To avoid timing belt failure and related engine damage, talk to your customers about the importance of timing belt maintenance. These facts and figures will give you all the data you need to keep your customers up and running.

Hose Maintenance

Understanding Hose Maintenance

A little information goes a long way when educating your customers on the importance of maintaining their hoses. Below you’ll find stats, tips and useful information to help keep your customers’ engines running at peak performance.

Drive Belt

Understanding Drive Belt Maintenance

The following tips and indicators will help you educate your customers on their vehicle’s drive belt. From wear and tear warning signs to replacement guidelines, this is your one-stop guide to drive belt maintenance.

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