Powered by NTN, the largest manufacturer of wheel hub assemblies in North America, BCA offers a full-line of premium, OE-quality wheel hubs, bearing and seals for both domestic and import applications.
OE Quality Hubs Bearings

Benefits of OE Quality Hubs and Bearings

Based on the bench testing and internal inspection results shown in this video, you can see why it is important to replace wheel bearings with OE quality parts.

Gen 3 Wheel Hub Bearing Installation

Gen 3 Wheel Hub Bearing Installation

This video will show how to properly and safely install a Gen 3 wheel hub bearing, brought to you by Know Your Parts.  

installing gen 1-3 bearings

Identifying and Installing Gen 1-3 Bearings

Not all bearings are created equal. Identifying the proper bearing for the job is a crucial step in any bearing replacement job.  

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