fuel tank cleaning

Fuel Tank Cleaning To Avoid Debris Contamination

An often overlooked step in fuel pump replacement is fuel tank cleaning. Missing this key step could cause serious problems in the future.  

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Going to AAPEX/SEMA? Visit the Know Your Parts Booth

If you’re planning to go to AAPEX/SEMA this year be sure to stop at the Know Your Parts booth at AAPEX.

All The Technical Help You Need, All in One Place

Vehicle diagnosis and repair is a difficult job. That’s why we developed the KYP TechLine web app. The web app gives you access to the technical help lines of all the major parts manufacturers all in one place.

Fuel Pressure Test2

Properly Perform a Fuel Pressure Test – Part 2

A fuel pressure test is often performed incorrectly, or sometimes not performed at all. This video will give you tips and tools you can use to accurately check fuel pressure.   Transcript: A restriction to the fuel supply reduces the flow of fuel to the engine. As long as the restriction is small enough, the…

Testing Electric Fuel Pump Problems with A Voltage Drop Test

Incorrect testing an electric fuel pump can give the impression that the fuel pump is bad. This can be avoided with a voltage drop test.

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