Gasket Removal Multi-tool

Promotional content for the MAHLE original gasket removal multi-tool featuring an RTV scraper, RTV tube squeezer, brush, and bottle opener.

Bill what are you doing? Beers? Here at MAHLE? We both…

Oh yes Alex, these are just my favorite root beers.

Okay, well I thought we were talking about gaskets today, so what’s going on?

Well, we are. Check this out Alex.

Okay, cool, I see a MAHLE brand name and then a JB2 part number so, oh, and an opener for our root beer of course. Well, what exactly is this?

It is our brand new MAHLE original multi-tool designed primarily for scraping gasket residue from aluminum heads and manifolds. We got carried away and added a few other functions.

Well, I’ve been known to drink a craft beer on occasion, so I guess I like the opener idea and I’m guessing that’s the scraper but what else does it do?

Well, we put a magnet here so you could hang it on the lid of your toolbox, and this slot right here is for squeezing out RTV. Now don’t try this at home Alex, but it works really good. This knob here is for bearing down really hard on tough gaskets and a brush let’s us get rid of all a little gasket residue afterwards. Pretty cool, huh?

Yeah, it’s really cool, but I’m sure our viewers are already wondering where to get one of these multi-tools.

Simple Alex, just go anywhere MAHLE original gaskets are sold and ask for MAHLE original JB2.

Yes Bill, and we should also add that just about every large auto parts retailer sells our MAHLE original gaskets. Plus, at the professional installer level many more warehouses distributors carry MAHLE.

Hey Alex, I think that’s a wrap. How about joining me in a root beer.