Seating Light Vehicle Axle Shafts

Ever have difficulty getting axle shafts to seat properly in a hub assemblies? In this video, we’ll cover some of the most common fixes for this problem.

If you’ve installed a seating axle shaft into a front wheel hub assembly and had trouble getting the shaft in far enough to seat with the shoulder of the hub, you probably assumed the problem was just some corrosion. Your solution was either to try cleaning off the corrosion or applying more force to get the shaft into place. Corrosion might be part of the problem, but the more likely reason you had trouble is that the OE axle shaft has a slight twist on the splines.

The twist or helix creates interference between the axle shaft and the mating wheel hub assembly. This avoids clicking or tapping from backlash. Cleaning corrosion off of the axle before installing it in the hub assembly is certainly a good idea, but to get the shaft fully seated in the hub assembly you really need to rely on the force created as you tighten the axle nut. Be sure to use the proper torque when you tighten the nut. You can find the specs on