GM Axle Nut Styles

This video covers a Technical Service Bulletin about a GM axle nut style change on some of their vehicles.
Car manufacturers issue technical service bulletins to provide you with the latest service information for their vehicles. GM made a change to the style of nut used to secure the wheels on the front axles of these vehicles. In the original vehicles, they used a multi piece nut design. With this nut, you need to put 284 foot pounds of torque on it. The new nut solution is a single piece nut and it requires much less torque than the original nut, at only 173 foot pounds.

That all it takes to get the proper retention of the nut on the axle. So if you’re working on the front axle of one of these vehicles? First, you need to make sure that you’re using the single piece nut now specified by the car manufacturer. Second, remember to use the proper torque of 173 foot pounds when tightening the axle nut. Too much torque could damage the nut or axle, not to mention making you work harder than necessary tightening the nut.