Industry Accepted Maintenance Practices

To increase application performance and help ensure safety, refer to these “Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Recommended Maintenance Practices (RPs)” when handling wheel or drivetrain bearings.

Recommended Maintenance Practices for Wheel Bearings

RP 618 – Wheel End Adjustment Procedures: Outlines a nine-step procedure to achieve a verifiable wheel bearing end play of 0.001” to 0.005”.
RP 622 – Wheel Seal and Bearing Removal, Installation, and Maintenance: Guidelines for acceptable storage, handling and installation of wheel bearings and seals.
RP 631A – Recommendations for Wheel End Lubrication: Operational considerations for inspecting and servicing oil, grease and semi-fluid wheel ends.
RP 640 – Alternate Wheel Bearing Adjustment Systems: Identifies and briefly explains conventional adjustable, pre-adjusted and unitized wheel ends.
RP 644 – Wheel End Conditions Analysis Guide: Guidelines for detecting and evaluating damage to wheel end components (hubcaps, axle spindle nuts, wheel hubs, seals, bearings, lubricant and spindles).

Recommended Maintenance Practices for Drivetrain Bearings

RP 610A – Driveline Design Criteria and Maintenance Guidelines: Guidelines for the evaluation of drivetrain designs and installation. Following this RP will help optimize bearing performance and minimize NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) of the entire drivetrain.