How to Properly Grease a Bearing By Hand

The useful life of a bearing depends to a great extent on the proper lubrication of the bearing. This is especially true in wheel bearings where operating conditions include dirt, moisture and high and low temperatures. Lubricants aid in carrying away heat, protecting bearing surfaces from corrosion and reducing friction.

Properly Grease a Bearing By Hand:

1) Thoroughly clean your hands or put on a new pair of latex gloves.

2) Place grease, approximately the size of a golf ball, into the palm of one of your hands.Grease Bearings By Hand

3) Using your opposite hand, push the large end of the bearing cone assembly into the grease. This enables the grease to be forced between the rollers, cage and cone.Greasing a Bearing

4) Continue pushing grease into the large end, rotating the entire cone assembly, until the grease is forced out evenly around the entire small end.

5) Smear excess grease on the outside of the bearing cone assembly.How to Grease a Bearing

Be sure to use only clean grease, free of contaminants. Once lubricated, follow published service procedures for installation and preload.