Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Vacuum Pump Replacement Tips

Tips on powerstroke vacuum pump replacement on a 6.0L Ford Powerstroke diesel engine.


Powerstroke Vacuum Pump Replacement. Let’s discuss replacing the vacuum pump on this, ’03 Ford truck with a six-liter diesel engine. Now, because it’s a diesel engine it’s not going to have engine vacuum. It’s gonna’ need a vacuum pump such as this to operate stuff like the front end front axle actuators for the four-wheel drive. Now, if there’s a leak with the seals or a problem of the actuators themselves, you’re gonna burn out a vacuum pump. So before we replace the vacuum pump, I’m gonna’ make sure we’ve got good power and ground going to it. We also make sure there’s no vacuum leaks downstream of this or it’s gonna burn out our new pump. So the replacement procedure is pretty straightforward. There’s one electrical connector here – I can unplug this. I can unplug the vacuum line here, and then there’s just a couple grommets here holding this in place. We can pull them out, and we’ll pop the new one back in place. Now just for illustration purposes, we’ve gone ahead and removed this bracket here and got the whole housing out so you’ll see how these rubber grommets get popped through there. You can cut them off, you can pry, you can pull. Right now I’m just quick pulling it out. I’m going to use a pliers to help pull out the grommets through the bracket here on the new unit. Or we could could work them through by hand. Once it’s done I’m going to bolt it up, put my 1 vacuum line on, plug it in, ensure the system works, and we’re all done. We’ve just gone ahead and replaced the vacuum pump on this Ford truck with a 6 liter power stroke engine.