Ford 6.0L Powerstroke IPR Valve Replacement

Watch this video for a demonstration on how to replace the IPR (Injector Pressure Regulator) valve on a Ford 6.0L Powerstroke diesel engine. The IPR valve can be quite difficult to access. Remember to reinstall the heat shield to protect the IPR valve.


Let’s take a look at replacing the IPR valve on this ’03 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engine. Now, this is gonna regulate the high-pressure oil which is used by this HEUI system to control injection pressure. As you can see, we’ve torn the engine down to do a bunch of other work. Got the cab lifted off here. Got the cylinder heads off. Turbo’s out of the way. Intake’s out. It looks really easy here in the open. Reality, you can imagine all these components here. It’s pretty difficult to sneak in from the side and get this.

We need a specific IPR socket. We’re gonna slide that up over the unit and break it loose, slide it off here, twist our old unit out. Of course, if you’ve got the cab off or anything it’s always a good idea to replace these components, the ICP and the IPR, while we’re in there. I’ve got my old one. I’m gonna take it off. You’ll notice there’s a little screen on the end here. We wanna make sure there’s no debris in the screen or any holes. These things are known for needle bearings coming out of the rocker assembly, going through the low-pressure oil pump, and actually getting caught in this screen or poking holes in the screen. This one’s good and clean. That’s a good sign. That means this owner has taken good maintenance of his vehicle. We’ve got probably no other internal engine damage.

I’m gonna take my new one. I’ll thread it here into place, tighten it back down with my special socket, and we’re all set to go. Hopefully now you see what’s involved with replacing the IPR valve on a 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engine.