Wagner® delivers superior quality with premium brakes that meet or exceed the highest design and manufacturing standards. As an aftermarket customer, you can rely on the same level of quality.

Brake Caliper Cleaning and Lubrication

Meticulous Brake Caliper Cleaning and Lubrication of all caliper brackets and mounting points will ensure maximum brake performance. Read More

Burnish Cycle

Brake Burnishing

The purpose of a burnish cycle is to seat the friction materials into the opposing rotor and drum surfaces. An effective burnish cycle requires approximately 200 stops in order to be consistent with the burnish procedure outlined in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS 105 and FMVSS 135. As 200 stops may not be…

Fix Noisy Brakes

How to Fix Noisy Brakes

Brake noise, like all sound, is the result of vibration. A “slow” vibration sounds like a groan, while a “fast” vibration will sound like a squeal, because the pitch is determined by the frequency of the vibration.

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