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Brake Caliper Service Tips

Garage Guru Damian Rodriguez gives you a quick tip when performing a caliper service on your customer’s vehicle. Check out http://www.fmgaragegurus.com for more information.

How To Clean Brake Caliper Brackets

Description: Garage Guru Rick Kearns shows you how to thoroughly clean your caliper brackets. Check out http://www.fmgaragegurus.com for more information.

Ford Truck Rear Drum Installation Problems: Brake Drag

Rear brake shoe performance and wear can be adversely affected if the parking brake is not releasing properly. Often this is not discovered until the brakes are replaced and there is difficulty installing the drums. And then, the new friction is commonly blamed for this situation. Other symptoms of a problem that can be related…

When to Use Chemical Compounds during Disc Pad Installation

The use of chemical compounds when installing disc brake pads depends on the pad design. We have broken down whether to use chemicals when you install your brake pads and the proper type of compound you’ll need. Following these guidelines will help ensure optimal function and service life. Mechanical Shim When installing disc pads with…

Hydraulic Clutch Unit Bleeding Procedure

Safety Procedures Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended safety procedures in your Shop and Owner’s Manual. NOTE: Some external slave cylinders do not have bleed screws. Some casting may appear to be missing a bleeder but careful inspect will reveal no fluid passage holes. These cylinders are a result of casting consolidations and the application…

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