Our MEYLE brand stands for the highest quality of spare parts worldwide sold on the independent aftermarket. Top quality in all fields, from development via manufacturing in our own production plants through to logistics and service – that’s the demand we place on ourselves, every day for every customer.
bearing kits

Save Valuable Time with Preset Bearing Kits

The MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit simplifies daily workshop operations.

The new all-in-one wheel bearing kits from MEYLE are another clever repair solution which can save workshops valuable time.

Cooling System Flush Tool

MEYLE Cooling System Flush Tool

In our new video we explain the individual steps for flushing the cooling system with the MEYLE cooling system flush tool, as a dirty cooling system and airlocks reduce cooling capacity and can lead to serious consequences such as pre-damage to the water pump mechanical seal.

Cardan Shaft

MEYLE-HD Cardan Shaft Disc & Centre Bearing

A defective flex disc can pose a high safety risk and, in extreme cases, cause the flex disc to break off. The MEYLE-HD flex disc represents another repair solution for workshops and customers, enabling affordable replacement of defective cardan shaft components.

Slotted Bushing Kit

MEYLE-HD Slotted Bushing Kit With Tool

Defective bushings at the BMW rear control arm usually mean one thing at the workshop: the entire control arm needs to be replaced, which is expensive for the workshop and driver. The MEYLE-HD slotted bushing kit enables targeted replacement of bushings in selected BMW 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series and X5 models.

Hybrid Engine Mounts

MEYLE-HD Hybrid Engine Mounts

The new MEYLE-HD hybrid engine mounts combines the extraordinary material properties of polyurethane for durability and Polyelast® for special comfort for the first time – a real innovation in the aftermarket.

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