Our MEYLE brand stands for the highest quality of spare parts worldwide sold on the independent aftermarket. Top quality in all fields, from development via manufacturing in our own production plants through to logistics and service – that’s the demand we place on ourselves, every day for every customer.

Cardan Shaft Center Bearing Replacement

In this video learn how to replace the cardan shaft center bearing and flex disc on a VW Touareg or Porsche Cayenne without having to change the entire cardan shaft assembly. The MEYLE cardan shaft center bearing kit is available under MEYLE part number 100 152 2001. To find out more visit www.meyle.com. The kit…

Professional Brake Pad Replacement

Car technicians can find valuable advice on the replacement of brake pads in this video.    

Professional Brake Disc Replacement

Step-by-step guidelines for brake disc replacement as well as professional standards, and how to correctly measure wheel hub and brake disc lateral run-out. Also see practical information on brake disc replacement.  

Know Your Parts Joint Play Tester

How to Use a Joint Play Tester

With the new MEYLE joint play tester, Wulf Gaertner Autoparts supplies a tool allowing workshops to check control-arm mounts, ball joints, tie rod end assemblies and suspension strut bearings for wear. Moving the lever arm delicately enables repair professionals to identify early-stage wear of the suspension components on the front and rear axles. In addition,…

Know Your Parts Meyle

How to Replace Automotive Water Pumps and Thermostats

Here is a video that shows you how to replace automotive water pumps and thermostats. Find out why it is essential to flush the cooling system before installing a new water pump and what stresses a water pump is exposed to under normal circumstances.

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