For more than a century, Delphi has had a passion for making the parts that help vehicles all over the world run better, longer and more efficiently. We partner with the world’s 25 biggest automakers. And with more than 170,000 employees in 44 countries, we have the resources, the reach and the OE expertise to create real-world innovations for the global aftermarket.
High Voltage Protection Equipment

High Voltage Protection Equipment for Hybrids and Electric Cars

High voltage protection equipment can be the difference between a safe and efficient repair and a serious shock. Check the integrity of your equipment regularly.

Five Steps For Powering Down a Hybrid

Five Steps for Powering Down a Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles need to be powered down before service can begin to reduce the risk of high voltage. These five steps are an extra safety precaution that should be taken in conjunction with the OEM steps to power down a high voltage hybrid vehicle.

High Voltage 3rd Rails

Where Are the High Voltage “3rd Rails” in a Hybrid?

When servicing a hybrid vehicle, knowing where the high voltage components are is the first step in taking safety precautions.  

Safely Working on High Voltage Vehicles

Safely Working on High Voltage Vehicles

Safety is imperative when working on high voltage vehicles. Servicing high voltage vehicles with inadequate safety precautions can result in life threatening injuries.

Spreading the Word That Your Shop Services Hybrids

Spreading The Word That Your Shop Services Hybrids

If your shop services hybrid vehicles but you don’t advertise it, you’re leaving money on the table. Here are some tips when it comes to promoting your hybrid vehicle service capabilities.

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