For more than a century, Delphi has had a passion for making the parts that help vehicles all over the world run better, longer and more efficiently. We partner with the world’s 25 biggest automakers. And with more than 170,000 employees in 44 countries, we have the resources, the reach and the OE expertise to create real-world innovations for the global aftermarket.
High Voltage Injectors

High Voltage Injectors

High voltage injector drivers work differently than those used in sequential injection systems. They use the same principle used to power diesel injectors use to produce high voltage. Watch to learn more.

Meters Voltage and GDI

Meters, Voltage, and GDI for Fuel Pumps

A fuel pump module can be tested reasonably well with just a meter that can measure frequency and duty cycle. However, just measuring the voltage can lead to replacing perfectly good parts.    

Explaining Basic Concepts of Automotive Service

The ability to explain even the most basic of concepts of automotive service, such as why oil wears out and needs to be changed, is an extremely useful skill to have for communicating with new customers.  

Systems Testing

Automotive System Testing: Presenting Reality

Generic OBDII scanners have their uses, but they cannot identify a problem with the same level of accuracy that an enhanced scan tool can.  

Know Your Parts Logo

The Live Dead Live Test

When removing a high voltage part from a hybrid vehicle, the live dead live test is useful to make sure the vehicle did in fact power down properly.

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