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hybrid scan tool

Using a Scan Tool for Hybrid Vehicles

Not all scan tools are created equal. Factory scan tools make a huge difference when trying to diagnose hybrid vehicles. An OE level scan tool cannot get all the information from the various modules included in a hybrid system. Learn more from our video below.

voltage drop test

How to Conduct a Voltage Drop Test

The Voltage Drop test is a powerful tool for diagnosing fuel pump problems. Here are a few guidelines for conducting a voltage drop test safely and correctly.

cleaning fuel tank

Fuel Tank Cleaning Procedure

Here are some guidelines for properly cleaning a fuel tank to ensure that a new fuel pump will work properly and last a long time. Brought to you by our sponsors at Delphi and Know Your Parts.    

Vapor Lock

Combatting Vapor Lock

Due to the high pressures in a modern GDI system, fuel can vaporize in the high pressure fuel rail resulting in vapor lock.    

Diagnosing injector misfires

Diagnosing Injector Misfires

When diagnosing an injector misfire, it’s important to go beyond the P0300 series codes. Here are some tips for what to check.    

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