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Hands On: Determining Coil on Plug Misfires

A detailed guide to diagnosing coil on plug misfires with a multi-meter.   Transcript: Okay time for some hands on, on the vehicle with coil-on-plug ’09 Ford Flex, which cylinder is actually misfiring. That’s why we had a podcast last year, that you can look up on the Delphi YouTube site and find all about…

Volumetric Efficiency in MAF Diagnostics

Volumetric Efficiency (VE) is a measurement of the actual ability of the engine to move air versus how much it should be able to move theoretically.    

Tools to Manage False Air

Any leak in the air intake system after the MAF sensor will affect your GPS measurements and the fuel trim. There are many tools you can use to discover even small or difficult to see leaks.      

How a PCM is Affected by an Inaccurate MAF Sensor

An inaccurate MAF sensor can cause all kinds of problems with the PCM. The PCM can set a modified PID while setting a pending DTC, or it may modify the fuel trim without setting a DTC at all.      

MAF Vacuum Leaks and Downstream False Air

MAF vacuum leaks and downstream false air cause the GPS (Grams per Second) readings to decrease. This happens because more air is getting into the engine than the MAF sensor is measuring resulting in a lean mixture.      

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