headlamp replacement

LEDs Light The Way

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are the latest trend in automotive lighting. LED lights use an entirely different technology than conventional incandescent bulbs and headlamps to produce visible light.

Tie Rods and Toe Angles

Cheap Brake Parts Can Be Costly

Brakes shouldn’t be an area where quality can be compromised for cost. Brake pad sales are not like an oil change or filter replacement. They are a safety service and should be charged as such.

Clean Diesel Vehicle

Clean Diesel: The Future of Fuel?

After being out of use in passenger vehicles since the 1980s, diesel has set itself up for a comeback. New clean diesel technology is here to stay.

Spark Plug

What’s New In Spark Plugs

Iridium, the newest innovation in spark plug technology, has the potential to challenge Platinum as the metal of choice.

Drivetrain Part

ASE PS2 Test Preparation Guide: Drivetrain Components

A helpful review focusing on drivetrain components for the ASE PS2 Test.

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