headlamp replacement

Headlamp Replacement Tips

As a vehicle ages, tail lamps and headlamp replacement is inevitable. These tips can help make this repair easy and avoid unwanted comebacks.

brake calipers

Remanufacturing Brake Calipers

When it comes to brake calipers and parts, changing our thinking from “brake parts” to “brake-assembly” will result in a safer, more profitable enterprise.

cabin air filter

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Many motorists are unaware their vehicle has a cabin air filter, where it is or how to replace it, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be replaced.

Coolant Hose Replacement Tips

To withstand extreme temperatures, coolant hoses are made from ethylene propylene EPDM rubber, which can endure temperatures from -40 to +275 degrees F.

The Importance of Fuel Additives

Auto repair technicians often classify fuel additives as “mechanic in a can” solutions to fuel delivery problems, but they can prevent or fix many problems.

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