Old Battery

Batteries Charge Ahead

Most vehicle batteries need to be replaced three or four times during their lifetime. Average battery life is about four years, and less in hot climates. For maximum life, batteries must be fully charged and not left discharged for long.


Electronic Power Steering Replacing Hydraulic

Hydraulic power steering has been standard on vehicles for the past decades, but recently, electronic power steering has started to replace hydraulics.

Engine “Hard Parts”: What Are They?

Engine parts such as crankshafts, bearings, pistons, and other valve-train components are hard parts because they’re the hard metal components in an engine.

Copper-Free Brakes

Brake manufacturers that have been using copper in their friction materials have developed new, low-copper and copper-free brake pads.


Shocks Need Replacement More Often

Shocks are not replaced as often as they should be, and tests show that weak shocks reduce handling stability, braking distances and overall driving safety.

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