Eliminating Brake Noise

Eliminating Brake Noise

To eliminate brake noise, it is important to understand how sound works in general and how that understanding can be applied to brake systems to reduce noise.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cutaway

Diesel Particulate Filter Breakdown and Operational Theory

This article is about the construction and operational theory of a diesel particulate filter and covers Selective Catalytic Reduction, and regeneration.

Modern transmissions

3 Rules For Servicing Modern Transmissions

Modern transmissions are very different from their earlier counterparts. Here are 3 rules for diagnosing and servicing modern transmissions.

Exploded View Electric Power Steering System

Electric Power Steering Systems: An Overview

Electric power steering systems are appearing in an increasing number of vehicles every year. These systems can be found on a wide variety of vehicles.

4x4 System with Automatic Locking Hubs

Automatic Locking Hubs: Diagnosis and Maintenance

On many 4×4 trucks, automatic locking hubs are used to disengage the front wheels when four-wheel drive is not needed. Fuel economy may improve as much as one mile per gallon, depending on the vehicle, by disconnecting the front wheels. A one mpg difference may not sound like much, but every little bit helps. The…

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