Brake Fluid Hose Cross-Section

Brake Myths Revisited: Brake Hose Restrictions

Thanks to reader feedback, the myth about brake hose restriction has been revisited and resolved. This is what really causes most brake hose restrictions.

Half Treated Brake Rotors

Brake Rotor Formula Improvement

How can the lifespan of a brake rotor be doubled? Easy. Change the chemical makeup of the metal. More details on this cutting edge technology inside.

Brake Myths: Common Misconceptions

Do wet brake pads affect stopping distance? Do brake pads need to warm up? Find the answers to these common brake myths and more.

Intercooler Types

Turbo Systems: The Future Of Fuel Economy

The easiest way to get ~20% better gas mileage on a vehicle is to attach a turbo system. More vehicles have them, so it’s important to know how they work.

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