Mechanic Connection: Keeping Up with Technology

The common view that the modern technician keeps up with technology by attending the latest training classes and absorbing through rote memorization its latest intricacies is far from the truth. In the real world, the only available instructor is usually the technician himself.

Strut and Suspension Assembly

Diagnosing and Replacing Chassis & Ride Control Parts

When the ride control components begin to go bad, they can have adverse effects on steering, handling, and increased tire wear. Here are some tips for identifying and replacing the ride control components on a vehicle.

Brake System Model

Brake Noise Solutions

One of the most common problems reported to repair shops is that the brakes are making noise. This is a useful guide to finding/fixing these complaints.

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Ford Eco Boost Engine

Engine Innovations to Reach Government Fuel Standards

With ever increasing fuel efficiency standards being put forth by the government, engines are being improved to meet and exceed the standards put forth.

Brake Filters: Fact or Fiction

With new legislature regulating copper levels in brakes, a window of opportunity was opened for inventors, but do new brake filters actually do their job?

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