Quality Counts

In the auto aftermarket high quality is the best business plan. In the complicated business of vehicle repair, quality work requires an ongoing commitment to learning and training. It also requires a commitment to only installing quality parts.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of lower quality parts available today. There is also a lot of less then accurate (low quality) repair and diagnostic information available on the Internet.

The Know Your Parts website is a non-commercial site dedicated to providing quality repair and diagnostic information about quality parts. It’s brought to you by the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and is supported by the full service, quality oriented manufacturers who are AASA members.

We have completely redesigned the Know Your Parts site to make it easier to navigate and more valuable to repair professionals like you. Explore the site. Check out our new Quality Parts Zone for great articles and videos from AASA members. Take a look at the Know Your Parts YouTube Know Your Parts LogoChannel, it has dozens of great diagnostic and repair videos.

We want to continue being a trusted source of information for you and your business. Once you’ve had a chance to explore the new site give us your feedback. What do you think of the changes? Are there topics you’d like more coverage of? Share your thoughts and check back often. We update the site weekly.