Mobile Diagnostic Entrepreneur and Industry Trainer Shares the Power of Networking

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Eric Ziegler owner of E-Z Diagnostic Solutions is a Mobile Diagnostics and Programming company specializing in collision centers and auto repair facilities. LISTEN HERE.

Eric shares sage advice on diagnostic challenges, training, networking, labor rates. He also imparts his passion on the need for bigger labor rates, specialization, silver bullets, and his role in the industry as a trainer.

Eric Ziegler is an ASE Certified Master Tech with A9 Light Duty Diesel and MD truck certifications. He also holds ASE Advanced Level Diagnostics Certifications for Cars, Trucks, and Electric/Hybrid Vehicles (L1-L3).

Interview talking points:

  • Eric shares the ‘basic way’ he tackles a diagnostic challenge.
  • He shares a four-box quad chart. What you know. What you don’t know. What you want to know. How could I prove to myself what I want to know?
  • Advice to votech schools: Spend more time on logical and critical thinking.
  • Technology and the future. The magnitude and the rate it is coming. Parts are lasting longer. You’ll need to be engaged and train continually.
  • Specialization will continue to be an important business model when the demographics warrant.
  • Sage advice to a young technician. It is not the destination it is the journey. Surround yourself with the right people.