How to Grow Your Auto Repair Business Using Quality Parts

Focus on QualityIn an article in MotorAge, 30 year auto repair industry veteran Brian Canning talks about quality parts and service as a way to build your shop’s brand image.   Here is a summery of the most important points from Brian’s article:

Customers come into your shops to spend money. In most cases, it is money they don’t wish to have to spend. Their vehicles, however, are vital to their livelihoods and lifestyles. If you inform and educate consumers as to the repairs necessary to keep their cars safe and reliable and if you perform the repairs in a professional and transparent manner you will win long-term customers. If you communicate to customers with competence and confidence you will win their business.

Many in our industry think consumers are hyper-sensitive to price. The truth is, they are hypersensitive to value. In multiple consumer surveys regarding repair service people list quality, convenience, reliability and support after the sale as more important then price. You can’t be the cheapest guy in town for very long.  As Brian puts it:

“The quality of the service experience across all industries is very poor in the US and customers know and appreciate quality. This is particularly true of the automotive repair industry.  Quality depends on great service and installing only quality parts from trusted manufacturers. The two go hand-in-hand. Having capable techs, using good, well-engineered parts, and service after the sale will set you apart.”

Advertising appeals to logic, branding appeals to emotion. Building your brand will pay larger long term benefits then advertising the lowest price on a brake job. Branding is both external, that which the customer sees, and internal, that which every team member of your shop believes. Brand depends on belief, both that of the consumer and that of your employees. The shop’s “brand” should be communicated to the team members so everyone conducts themselves in a way that builds your brand equity with the consumer.  Make sure all your shop’s communication touch points, ads, social media, service and all customer interactions reflect the” quality over price” brand image that will help grow your auto repair business.

Provide the best service and install the best parts. Do it with confidence and honesty. This approach will help grow your business and establish your brand to the consumer. The result will be more referral business and a high customer retention rate.