Garage Gurus – Remarkable Results Radio Podcast

Who remembers the Moog St. Louis training center? Were you one of the lucky ones that got a chance to go?

Garage GurusAs a member of the automotive aftermarket, training is something you do every day, at every level of the industry to keep up. Technician training comes in many forms today. It is one of the most important needs of individual technicians today.

If you’ve been around the horn, have some gray in your temples you most likely remember the Moog St. Louis training center. This was a coveted ticket to learn everything about suspensions. If you had the opportunity to attend, you really have a special memory in your career.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts has duplicated the stand alone training facility twelve times throughout the US with their Garage Gurus program. Their training today is so much more than suspension and includes training programs on brake, drivability, electrical and steering and suspension.

Brent Berman, Director of Training for Federal-Mogul Motorparts shares their strategy on training. You will learn all about ‘Tech First’, the ‘Spirit of Learning’, a hybrid approach to training, and many more solid take-a-ways from the person leading Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ technician training program.

Interview talking points:

  • Brent talks about the spirit of learning and the technician journey.
  • How the seasoned senior techs of our industry and the Millennials view the Garage Gurus.
  • Learn Federal-Moguls goal in making training accessible and not complicated.
  • Uncover Brent’s view on the hours it takes to stay current and how a hybrid approach to training is a smart way to get the hours needed to repair today’s vehicles.

Full disclosure. Federal Mogul is the exclusive sponsor of the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast. Listen to learn just one thing!