The section covers batteries, serpentine belts and tensioners, alternators and starters and decoupler pulleys including OAP and OAD. Use our Starting & Charging Diagnostics eLearning Tool to run through intuitive, interactive diagnostics.

Honda Civic Gen 1 Hybrid Battery Installation

A look at the proper hybrid battery installation on a Honda Civic Gen 1 vehicle.

Honda Civic Gen 2 Hybrid Battery Installation

A look at the proper hybrid battery installation on a Honda Civic Gen 2 vehicle.

Test Alternators Before You Replace Them

Most of the alternators that are returned under warranty have nothing wrong with them whatsoever, which is why you need to test before you replace.

The Technical Truth About Value Grade Belt Tensioners

“Value” grade is just another name for poor quality.  Protect your vehicle by using only genuine replacement parts.  Poor quality belt tensioners can have below OE required alignment, dampening, tension, and durability ratings and can fail prematurely costing more than if they had been replaced with a reliable, genuine tensioner.  It pays to Know Your…

How Not to Test An Alternator

Save time and money by learning ways you shouldn’t test an alternator and the reasons behind why it can do significant damage to your vehicle.

Alternator Q&A

Learn about what an alternator is, how to properly diagnosis issues with them and much more in our new alternator Q & A article brought to you by BBB.

Overrunning Alternator Decoupler Pulley Inspection Procedure

Learn the proper way to conduct a overrunning alternator decoupler pulley inspection procedure both on the vehicle and off the vehicle.

Inspecting and Replacing Harmonic Balancers

A harmonic balancer is a front end accessory drive component and while it may not wear as quickly as a traditional balancers it eventually must be replaced.

What Causes Broken Starter Nose Cones?

Cracked or broken starter nose cones result from a variety of vehicle or installation issues and while preexisting flaws are rare, they need to be serviced.

Alternator and Pulleys OAPs and OADs Explained

Here’s a great video that explains the difference between Overrunning Alternator Pulleys (OAPs) and Overrunning Alternator Decoupler Pulleys (OADs).

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