Find resources from the basics of brakes and bearings to diagnosing, wheel bearing service tips and bearing failure prevention and more.

Servicing Front Wheeled Tapered Roller Bearings and Seals

A step by step guide to servicing tapered roller bearings and seals.

Bearing Adjustment Basics

Proper bearing adjustment is essential in maximizing bearing service life

Bearing Contamination from Water and Debris

A quick reference for identifying the signs of water and debris contamination in bearings.

Prevent Bearing Failure

Get your customers the most out of their bearings with these tips to help avoid premature bearing failures.

Proper Bearing Cleaning Procedure

Following the proper procedure when cleaning bearings can make the difference between good performance, and failure and potential damage to the shaft and housing.

Set-Right® Hub Rebuild Kits

Timken Set-Right Hub Kits are the fastest and easiest way to get the right hub and bearing parts for heavy trucks and commercial vehicles.

Diagnosing and Servicing 3rd Generation Hub Bearings and Seals

This video is an in-depth look at diagnosing and servicing 3rd generation hub bearings and seals. It explains the technology and techniques regarding the servicing and diagnosing of 3rd generation hub bearings and seals.    

Identifying Wheel End Systems

There are three main types of wheel end systems used on commercial vehicles. Identifying what type of wheel end system the vehicle is using can change how you service them dramatically.

Cartridge-Style Wheel Bearing Survive Technique

More vehicles are being equipped with cartridge-style wheel bearings, a style that requires more labor to replace when compared to traditional bearings.

What Causes Bearing Failures?

When a bearing wears out, it is usually a case of inadequate lubrication, faulty installation or improper adjustment. Learn how to avoid bearing failures.

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