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How to Properly Install Front Axle Hub Bearings on a 2002 Ford Explorer

How to properly install front axle hub bearings on a 2002 Ford Explorer.    

Identifying Hub Bearings for 2007 GM Trucks

How to Identifying Hub Bearings for 2007 GM trucks. When replacing hub bearings on 2007 Chevy or GMC trucks, it’s important to know which body style you are working on. The classic style and new style have different ABS systems.      

Replacing Wheel Bearing Circlips

Circlip retainers are important to help maintain the proper seating and function of the wheel bearing. Depending on the vehicle application, there may be one or two circlips that facilitate retention of the bearing. Often, when replacing the wheel bearing, the circlip is worn past its usable condition. They can also become rusted into the…

How to Install a Hub Bearing on a 2002 Chevy Suburban

How to properly install a hub bearing on a 2002 Chevy Suburban.      

Torquing Hub Axle Nuts Properly

Incorrectly torquing the hub axle nut can seriously reduce the life expectancy of a wheel bearing. The final torquing sets the preload of the bearing, so following the manufacturer specifications is crucial.      

Proper Bearing Lubricant Selection

Lubricant selection depends on a combination of factors: the type of housing, operating temperature, operating speed and any particular requirement of that bearing type. In all cases, the best guide for proper selection of a lubricant is the recommendation of the vehicle’s manufacturer. There are two lubricant types – grease and oil. There are certain…

Proper Installation of Press-In Style Front Wheel Bearings

An instructional video demonstrating the proper installation techniques to use when installing a press-in style front wheel bearing.    

Diagnosing Wheel Hub Bearing Noise

Wheel hub units can often wear out over a period of time due to heavy usage. As a result, ABS sensors can also break down electronically, causing safety risks to the vehicle’s driver and passengers. In order to properly diagnosis a vehicle before component replacement, SKF recommends performing a vehicle road test to listen for…

Excessive Wheel Flange Runout

The components of the front end suspension work together as a team. One weak item in the link can cause problems with other components and with wheel end system performance. The front suspension must work together to provide support for acceleration force, gravitational force, cornering and brake forces to provide smooth and safe operation. The…

Rear Wheel Axle Bearing Installation

An instructional video demonstrating the proper installation techniques to use when installing a rear wheel bearing. It also covers the basic operational principles of a few kinds of rear axle bearings.  

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