Fuel system tips on fuel pump troubleshooting, fuel injector testing and problem diagnosis, along with identifying symptoms and solutions to system parts.

Fuel Pump Introduction

A good fuel pump is essential to an engine running properly. Therefore, it’s important to understand how the fuel pump does its job and how to fix it.

Direct Fuel Injection: A Brief History

The idea of direct fuel injection has been around since the 1920s, but was never fully utilized due to restrictions in technology until only recently.

Lean Fuel Condition – P0171

When your scan tool returns a lean condition code, it raises more questions than answers. Remember though, with fuel systems, every detail is important.

Fuel Delivery System Testing

Fuel delivery systems are a delicate balance of technology and mechanical parts, so when diagnosing, it’s important to check the basics before starting.

Fuel Injector Servicing

Dirty fuel injectors rob engines of power. Fight back against fuel injector dirt with this useful guide to finding and fixing issues with fuel injectors.

Fuel Pump Diagnostics Using Scan Tools

Fuel pumps on modern vehicles seem very complicated by electronics and sensors, but really, this makes it easy to diagnose their problems with a scan tool.

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