Fuel system tips on fuel pump troubleshooting, fuel injector testing and problem diagnosis, along with identifying symptoms and solutions to system parts.

Fuel Pump Sales and Preventing Unnecessary Waste

The person behind the counter is key when it comes to fuel pump sales. They play an important role when it comes to waste and pollution of fuel pumps.    

Fuel Pump Replacement Costs and How We Can Prevent Them

Large fuel pump replacement costs take a toll on our industry and the environment. Our goal at AASA is to reduce both through education and instruction.    

Fuel Pump Manufacturers Council and Partners

A thank you to the sponsors and organizations that made these instructional videos possible.  

Fuel Pump Installation Instructions and Advice

Dave gives us extra fuel pump installation instructions and how we can make sure that all procedure is followed.    

Additional Things to Check For To Ensure Complete Fuel Pump Repair

Dave shows us additional items that are important to make sure that a fuel pump repair is thorough and efficient.    

A Fuel System Overview with Fuel Pump Assembly Parts and Components

Dave goes through the basics of a fuel system with us. Included are various fuel pump assembly parts and components.      

How to Repair the Fuel Pump and Replace the Tank

A step-by-step guide for repairing and replacing a fuel pump and fuel tank when there is no access panel to remove the fuel pump.        

How to Test Fuel Pressure and Flow

Being able to test fuel pressure and flow is critical when diagnosing a fuel system problem. This video goes over the proper way to test fuel pressure, and a way to test fuel flow without a flow meter.

Procedures for Depressurizing the High Side of a GDI System

The high pressure lines on a GDI engine can be very dangerous if handled improperly. Here are two different procedures for safely depressurizing a high pressure line on a GDI engine.      

Injector Replacement

When replacing an injector, there is more to this procedure than meets the eye. Here are some other parts to take into consideration when replacing a fuel injector.  

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