Fuel system tips on fuel pump troubleshooting, fuel injector testing and problem diagnosis, along with identifying symptoms and solutions to system parts.

Fuel Additives and Octane Ratings Explained

Detonation, also known as “knock,” has long been an enemy of the internal combustion engine. As the air-fuel mixture is compressed by the pistons, it creates heat. Under certain operating conditions, this can lead to an uncontrolled combustion of the air-fuel mixture which occurs independently from the precisely-timed ignition of the spark plug. These explosions…

Diagnosing Pulse Width Modulating Fuel Pumps

Old-School Diagnostics PWM fuel pumps are generally very reliable so, many technicians aren’t familiar with them. But now that many import vehicles equipped with PWM fuel pumps are rolling up the miles, electronically controlled PWM fuel pumps are becoming more common to see in your service bay. While pressure and volume testing are mandatory for…

Clean Fuel Tanks and Filters Save Pumps

Clean Fuel Tanks and Filters Save Pumps Fuel pump replacement comebacks can be costly and can hurt your reputation. One of the leading causes of failure is the tank. If a vehicle gets 20 miles to the gallon, then more than 5,000 gallons of gas (from many stations) will go through the tank in 100,000…

Understanding Electronic Fuel Injection

Virtually every vehicle built since the late 1980s and early 1990s have been equipped with some type of electronic fuel injection. Because of that, fuel pumps are a popular product line for shops to carry. A high-pressure electric pump is required to generate pressure so fuel will spray out of the fuel injectors when the…

Fuel Systems and EVAP Functionality

Today’s fuel system is responsible for evaporation emissions control as well providing fuel storage and delivery. Learn more about these systems.

Electronic Fuel Injection: Pump Maintenance

Virtually every vehicle built since the late 1980s have some type of electronic fuel injection, which is why knowing pump maintenance is important.

Fuel System Q&A

These fuel system questions and answers will help you better understand symptoms, testing and repairs for damaged fuel systems.

Clean Fuel Tanks Are Important

Fuel pump replacement comebacks can be costly and can hurt your reputation. Learn why and how to keep a clean fuel tank by following these steps.

Future Fuels

The front runners right now for future fuel or alternative fuel are natural gas and propane, due to relatively cheap cost and large amounts available.

The Importance of Fuel Additives

Auto repair technicians often classify fuel additives as “mechanic in a can” solutions to fuel delivery problems, but they can prevent or fix many problems.

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